Netflix's New Korean RomCom: "Love to Hate You"


For this beginning of the year and Valentine's Day, Netflix has released its new Korean Romcom "Love to Hate You". In the same vein as "Business Proposal", we find the touch of this kind of new productions: short format, modern, a strong and independent woman and with a reversal of roles Man / Woman. Although very pleasant as a small drama to discover, we still wonder if the essence of Korean romantic dramas is still there? 


Korean drama "Love to hate You" Yeo Mi Ran is a lawyer, an independent woman, with character and she is very different from the idea of the woman we generally have. Moreover, she does not hold men in high esteem. In fact, she collects them. For his part, the famous actor Nam Kang Ho, since a traumatic experience, hates women and even drags an anxiety syndrome in their company. But when these two find themselves having to work and even having to go out together out of obligation, unbeknownst to them of their own free will, everything changes.


Korean drama "Love to hate You" We salute here the beautiful place given to women of character, who do not let themselves be done. The female lead role also has the component, rather attributed to men usually, to collect conquests without ever committing. We salute the modern side of the role, played by Kim Ok Bin, who has worn all the seasons of "Harthdal Chronicles", and who, here, plays a totally different character. And it works perfectly, we adhere to his game. Korean drama "Love to hate You" His companion on screen is Yoo Teo, who is little known or rather for his secondary roles. Nothing to complain about, his famous actor character, traumatized but who is in fact, a real nice, is touching like everything. We appreciated the fact that he accepts and loves this woman, as she is, even if sometimes his masculinity takes a hit. Korean drama "Love to hate You" Like any good drama, we find the secondary couple, with Go Won Hee in the role of the super friend and for the second male role, the magnificent villain of the drama "Flower of Evil" : Kim Ji Hoon. For all those who have seen and loved him in this drama, discovering him in this opposite role is really a very nice surprise. He is excellent, and he is also very touching.

Our opinion

Korean drama "Love to hate You" It's a Romcom, so here no mystery, thriller or other, it's a drama of 10 episodes around two couples. The main couple is therefore rather atypical and out of what can usually be seen with inverted Man / Woman characteristics. In fact, it's well done, light, we have fun. The humorous side is present, the sympathetic romance, all this makes it a romantic comedy worthy of the name. The secondary couple is touching, we will regret its slow development, on the other hand. Perhaps, we would have liked their story to be present much earlier in the episodes and therefore deeper. Clearly, this drama mostly revolves around the main couple. The other secondary characters remain well played and sympathetic, but remain secondary. There are also a lot of fight scenes and behind the scenes of the shooting of an action movie, it changes, it's unexpected. Korean drama "Love to hate You" There is not always a bromance in all Romcoms, but here there is, and honestly, it makes you want. The bond of friendship that unites the two main male characters is unique, strong, and they are so complicit that we envy them. Their bromance comes in second place on the podium of the "favorite couples" after the main couple of this production. This is also what makes one of the little extras of this drama. The question that could arise, however, remains that this drama is in line with Korean productions "new generation": short format, more modern in the presentation of things, less in restraint and still less in the depth to which we are accustomed. It's not quite a Korean Romcom, but still with the undeniable Korean touch, which we find here thanks to screenwriter Choi so Young, known among others for "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty", a 2018 drama corresponding to all the characteristics known to Korean Romcoms. Korean drama "Love to hate You" In short, it's different for those who have been watching Korean dramas for a long time but not so well. But we can still wonder if we do not lose a little of this Korean essence that makes their productions, and romantic ones among others, so unique. So all we have to do is offer you to discover this production that made us have a good time, and to make your own opinion. In addition, with its short format, you will quickly overcome the 10 episodes. Even if it is clearly a drama that continues on the line of these "new generation" productions, its goal is achieved and we appreciate the viewing. So to your screens, and start discovering this friendly Korean Romcom!