Dooweet installe sa nouvelle agence au soleil de Montpellier


Dooweet , a music marketing agency, has just set up shop in the south of France to take advantage of the Montpellier sun. And we understand them so much!!

New ultra-design premises, the agency offers itself a beautiful space to start off on the right foot. It is in the heart of the historic center, Insider License Key Mac place de la Canourgue, in a traditional building of old Montpellier that Dooweet has set up its new HQ. Bars on the floor, high ceilings, retro furniture, soft and welcoming colors, fun and eclectic decor… nothing has been left to chance.

Premises renovated by Imatgine

It is thanks to the alert and informed eye of Marie-Hélène Jamet, the founder of the Imatgine company , that this former apartment has been transformed into a cozy nest for the Dooweet team. An ideal space for the Isunshare Windows 10 Password Genius Full Version creativity of the interior designer who literally feasted.

Marie-Hélène Jamet explains the project:
« The Dooweet agency has entrusted Imatgine with the decoration of its new offices. The « 3 rooms, 3 atmospheres » brief gives free rein to the imagination. a little complicated! The design was easy, so great is the richness of Isunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced Crack Download the route, the artists represented and the Dooweet team. Like a hit song « We are the World », the pieces cut out quite naturally. real favorite project for Imatgine! »

Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail so that a visit to the premises is as much a journey as an entertainment. Indeed, each room has its own atmosphere.

Oriental accents inspired by Morocco for the main office; he recalls the taste of the team for this warm country. The furniture enhances Tmpgenc Crack this Maghreb atmosphere, between raw and solid wood, coated with terracotta, linen and various accessories for more authenticity: pottery, ironwork and hanging plants.

Dooweet Montpellier

For the broadcast and projection room, radically different decor, reminiscent of the golden age of Miami Beach. Here, the 50s are in the spotlight: it’s more colourful, retro and fun at the same time. From the Andy Warhol-style pin-up, to salvaged furniture, not to mention the coffee table in the shape of a surfboard. In this piece, the agency gives a nod to their first franchise established in the USA.

Finally, the last room, sober and chic, with a dark varnished Art Toys Donkey Kong, stained with gold. The must have both geek and classy… almost Jeff Koonesque… which sits like a trophy in the middle of the room!

Local Dooweets

This is the ideal place to receive new projects, for the start of the 2020 school year, and to welcome the whole team: press officers, public relations, integration into Spotify playlists… Enough to allow the artists of today and tomorrow to make a place for itself on the web and in your ears.

Dooweet, an agency that wants it!

But these new offices are not just a facade, everything is there to remind who Dooweet is and what drives its employees. It must be said that the agency has been able to make a name for itself in music promotion since 2012, with a simple but effective credo:

« All artists have the right to succeed in their promotional campaign, regardless of their experience and budget. »

An opportunity that many have seized to emerge in the musical field. Whether they are artists, record companies or event or communication professionals, many people have benefited from the skills and expertise of Dooweet.

And this fame is no longer limited to France.

Among the artists , there is Franz Ferdinand, Wyclef Jean, Evanescence … or more confidential groups like Alcest . But Dooweet is also communication around events as prestigious as the famous Tomorrowland , the Download or the Cernunnos Festival .

And in future projects, the agency will have the not insignificant task of taking care of press relations for the latest releases of Alexandra Stan , whose hit Mr. Saxobeat is still in everyone’s mind.

Welcome to Dooweet!

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